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Tree Cabling, Tree Bracing, & Tree Rodding

Sometimes the trees we love become damaged either in storm winds or some other unfortunate event. Removal might not always be the best decision.  If the elements are right, cabling and / or rodding might be an option. We like to employ these strategies when its a particularly meaningful tree and saving its entire structure is ideal.

Proper Tree Evaluation Is Necessary

The first step is to evaluate any and all risk factors, including the amount of failed material we are trying to save, possible targets, and probability of future failure.

We don’t want to apply a band-aid, we want to repair the wound.

Tree Cabling, Rodding, Or Bracing

tree bracingCabling, is when a particular limb hasn’t failed 100% and a heavy wire cord is embedded into the tree at the proper height and angle, and a winch is used to bring the fissure back together then tightened and secured.

Rodding can be added if further risk abatement is deemed necessary. This is done by drilling holes through both fissure ends, and while the cabling is proceeding, a rod is pushed through the tree at different angles and secured with large nuts and washers.

Bracing is a much more common procedure where a length of wood or bar is place under a large limb that threatens failure.

These procedures, except for bracing,  should only be done by the most experienced of arborists. Cabling and bracing, if done correct, can bring considerable results. If done incorrectly….serious injury to tree and arborist can result.


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