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There is nothing that makes a property more beautiful than healthy trees that provide both beauty and shade to a lawn. However, in order to keep trees beautiful, you need to keep them healthy and safe. The certified arborist professionals at Good Guys Tree Service can help keep your trees healthy and beautiful thus providing your home and property with shade and comfort for years to come.

We actually live in Cedar Park so it has a special place in our hearts. 🙂 We are very familiar with the many types of oak trees and other varieties in the area.

Ask about our military and senior citizen discounts.

Trimming Your Oak Trees To Keep Them And You Safe

Live oaks when cared for properly can live hundreds of years and grow in size up to 60 feet tall and 80 feet wide. This makes trimming those oaks for the average home owner a somewhat dangerous job, that needs to be done to keep your trees safe and healthy. Weak branches on oak trees can break and fall down posing danger to people and property close to the tree. In addition, when a weak branch breaks off from an oak it leaves a wound that allows insects and disease to attack the tree.

Branches that rub on one another or a building can also become damaged and provide an entry point for insect infestation and disease.

By hiring a professional and insured Cedar Park tree service, you can help keep your family safe from falling branches and protect your trees’ health in the process.

Cedar Park Tree Service Battles Tree Wilt

Not only will a professional tree service keep your trees trimmed and thereby keep your family safe and your oak trees healthier, but should your oaks suffer from tree wilt also known as oak wilt, they know exactly what to do to segregate the infected trees and how to destroy them to help prevent the fungus from spreading to your healthy oaks. If the infected trees roots are connected to those of healthy oaks, your Cedar Park tree professionals know just how to go about severing the roots to give the healthy trees the best chance of staying healthy.

They may also be able to help keep your healthy trees healthy by providing inoculations to those healthy trees as well as the right fertilizer to help keep your trees strong and growing. Hiring a professional to keep those beautiful oak trees healthy and looking beautiful will be well worth the money as you enjoy the shade they offer from that hot Texas sun.


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