Deep Root Fertilization For Your Trees and or Shrubs

We here at Good Guys Tree Service thrive on honesty and quality customer service. The health of your trees and shrubs are a highly valuable element to your home landscape. Proper trimming and pruning boosts new bud formation and promotes durable upward growth patterns.

What many homeowners don’t realize is how beneficial fertilizing is to add vibrancy and curb appeal. By setting an appointment with our certified Arborist, we can help with assessing the specific needs of your plant life.

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Why Fertilize Your Trees & Shrubs?

Natural debris like leaf litter, grass clippings, and branches would normally create organic matter that Mother Nature uses to give nutrients to the soil. Since it is common practice to remove the debris from our yards, the need for fertilizer grows.

Some other factors that call for use include: Pre and Post construction or new pool construction which can take away or alter the root system of established trees. Soil compaction, like continually driving over an area, denies the ability for much needed gas exchange. Intense summer heat and drought can further stress your trees over the years. With multiple stressors compounding on your trees and shrubs, they can become vulnerable to other diseases.

Using a slow-release fertilizer high in nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium is the proper deep root fertilization treatment that will feed your trees for a complete year. It also can help Mycorrhizae flourish underground. Mycorrhizae is a good fungus that has a symbiotic relationship with plant roots (like how probiotics improve our gut health). Multiple benefits of mycorrhiza health can include:

  • Overall plant health & vigor
  • Increased resistance of pathogens
  • Strength after transplantation
  • Efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, especially in smaller root vessels
  • Improving tolerance to drought conditions

Application will be by our technician, directly injecting into the soil under your tree’s canopy with a grid pattern every 2-3 feet. Depending on your soil composition, it will be administered at a depth of 4-6 inches below ground level.

Deep Root Fertilization Austin TX

Certified & Licensed

Oak Wilt certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, our certified Arborist will ensure we safely maximize your property’s potential, without overselling you anything it doesn’t need.

Fertilizing before or during summer months can prepare your trees and shrubs to overcome the trauma that the Texas heat brings.

Please call today and set an appointment with our certified arborist for your tree and shrub health evaluation.

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