Inspiration From The Past

Recently we have been digging around online and elsewhere for old vintage photographs of tree servicemen and some of the equipment that was used back in the day. Some of the photos are truly amazing and as tree servicemen ourselves it can be even more incredible just to see how few powered tools were available for those men.

Modern equipment has reduced the physicality of tree work in ways that make it hard to imagine. How tough it was for the men in this industry back then is hard to overstate. Hats off to the fellows who did everything we now do high in trees, but by hand!

Modern equipment has done more than just make the job easier, it has also made the industry much safer for the climbers and arborists. Ropes are stronger, chainsaws have safety brakes and Kevlar has made cut resistant chaps much better than the old leather ones.

Not all our tools are powered though. Here are several items that haven’t changed much in the last 100 years, and are still used by tree techs every day!

Tree work remains dangerous work however, and attempting it without the proper training and equipment is ill advised. Be sure to hire experienced and reputable experts that have the know-how to safely and correctly maintenance your trees.

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