Tree Services – Planning Ahead for Early Spring

The presence of trees in your outdoor living space can add an unrivaled sense of natural beauty. To ensure that trees remain both safe and attractive, it is important that you take a lot of care to maintain them throughout each season. This helps to keep the trees under control as they grow, as well as guaranteeing that the will continue to look their best.

With winter almost at its end, early spring is almost upon us, and with that comes the opportunity to get outside and see to your trees. Planning ahead in your preparations allows for the trees to look their best and remain safe and secure come springtime, allowing you to enjoy them in all their beauty once the good weather finally arrives.

While you can do a lot of the planning ahead, it is also worth remembering that you may require some professional help in certain situations, so hiring tree services from an experienced company is always worth it for the long-term maintenance of any trees.

Light Pruning

A spot of light pruning is certainly a task you can perform without the need of tree services. Inspect each tree thoroughly, looking for old dying foliage that you can cut back, providing you have the correct tools for the job.

Spring trees will require pruning during early spring as opposed to winter, as it can lead to damaging the tree. Fruit trees can be pruned in late winter or early spring, and you should aim to prune them before any of the buds can break into a bloom.

Be mindful of your own capabilities when it comes to light pruning. It may seem easy enough, but without the correct tools it can still present certain risks. Tree services can provide pruning and thinning for thicker foliage on larger trees if needed.

Inspect for Winter Damage

The entire tree should also be thoroughly inspected to ensure it is safe. Damage caused by winter weather such as snow and ice can increase already damaged areas of a tree, as well as potential causing new damage too.

Cracks and holes in the bark of the tree are notable signs of damage to the tree, as is dead foliage. Also be on the lookout for any diseases, as this can be a death sentence for a tree, and may require tree-removal from a tree service company.

Extensive damage that could be a hazard to your home our outdoor living space may also require professional help. Tree services can provide comprehensive pruning, trimming and reduction of damaged trees.

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