Winter Tree Maintenance

Our weather patterns are cyclical and therefore somewhat foreseeable. Weather stations and almanacs rely on these foreseeable aspects and build models based on past events….this is where our forecast comes from, the knowledge gained from past experiences from this area.

We’ve been blessed to have milder winters than we all know we could have, but that just closes the gap on some of the more aggressive weather patterns we know are possible to happen here. Of course I’m talking about ICE. A hard freeze can do more damage than just killing off our beautiful shrubs and ground cover. Depending on the species, many trees already carry large amounts of weight with just its natural foliage, and a few hundred pounds, and the results can be devastating!

As a part of a regular maintenance program, we can limit the adverse factors associated with tree/limb failure; manage any risk BEFORE it occurs. We do this by de-weighting overstressed limbs and removing larger deadwood that is susceptible to failure in high traffic areas and throughout the tree. In higher risk situations we would employ cabling and/or rods strategically set within fissures and throughout the canopy to reduce any excess pressure related to the high risk quadrant of the tree. This process is matched only by the time taken to fully explain the procedure to the client with advice given to further reduce any further risk. Hardware is also checked on over the course of the year to insure continued stability.

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